The Precision Systems Cryoscopes are precision instruments that automate the measurement of freezing point depression of solutions. A simple adjustment of the cooling bath temperature of the Wide Range Cryette implements the measurement of freezing point depression of solutions with freezing points in the range of – 10 to +10° C. Depression of the freezing point of a solvent is directly proportional to solute particle concentration, and is generally independent of the chemical nature of the dissolved material. As a result, an accurate measure of freezing point depression presents a powerful analytical tool in many application areas.

Cryette Cryoscopes are capable of:

  • Precise measurements of freezing point depres- sions of solutions with freezing points from –10 to +10°C
  • Fast, accurate molecular weight determinations
  • Measuring concentration in less than 2 minutes
  • Precision of .001°C, 1% for concentration and molecular weight
  • Simple operation minimizing operator technique

Use a freezing point Cryoscope to:

  • Differentiate Petroleum Distillates or Cracking Fractions — in minutes
  • Identify Environmental Pollutants
  • Grade Polyethylene Glycol
  • Check for Adulteration of Milk
  • Quality Control reagents, beverages, and pharmaceuticals