5009 CRYETTE WR Automatic High Sensitivity Wide Range Cryoscope


These instruments are used in various Applications like Food & Beverage, Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Environmental & Water Analysis, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,

The CRYETTE WR was developed for applications using solvents with different freezing points that fall outside the freezing point ranges of water and benzene solutions. Frequently, there is a desire to use a solvent other than benzene with petroleum. Cyclohexane is often selected as a suitable alternative.

The solid state refrigerator of the Wide Range CRYETTE provides for adjustment of the cooling bath temperature to permit freezing point measurements of solutions in the –10 to +10°C range. This accommodates a wide range of solvents.

Laboratory Model Automatic Cryoscope for molecular weight, solution concentration, and freezing point depression determinations for aqueous and various solvent solutions for 2.0 mL samples, featuring:

  • 10° C to +10° C Range with 12-position range selector for solvent optimization
  • Results displayed in °C of freezing point depression
  • Adjustable bath temperature allowing optimum temperature settings for particular solvents
  • Selectable manual or automatic seeding to provide maximum flexibility for different solvents
  • 2-step calibration with non-interacting calibration controls
  • Cool down in < 15 minutes
  • Precise air temperature environment during sample isolation