5006 CRYETTE A Automatic High Sensitivity Milk Cryoscope

Freezing point testing with the Milk CRYETTE enables monitoring for added water in milk. Precision Systems’ milk cryoscope has been designed to display answers in millidegrees Hortvet, the industry standard.

The Precision Systems Milk Cryette meets specifications outlined by the AOAC and APHA regulator agencies’ methods.

Laboratory Model Freezing Point Milk Cryoscope for both 0.2 & 2.0 mL samples, featuring:

  • Highest accuracy for more best process control
  • Fully automatic operation over 0-3000 mOsm/kg range
  • Simple 2-step calibration
  • 2 Ranges for higher accuracy
  • Use with reusable or disposable tubes
  • Probes last 2 to 4 times as long as comparable models


The Milk CRYETTE A is a quick, easy way to QC milk samples by state agriculture and health departments or other government agencies, universities, dairy producers, etc.,