Concentration determination is one of the most widely useful laboratory measurements, with applications ranging from quality control in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, food products, eye care solutions, to monitoring the fluid balance and hydration processes of animals from fish to humans.
  • 2430 Multi-OSMETTE Auto-Sampling Turntable Osmometer
  • 5002 OSMETTE Automatic High Sensitivity Osmometer
  • 5004 MICRO-OSMETTE Automatic High Sensitivity 50 uL Osmometer
  • 5007 OSMETTE XL Automatic High Sensitivity Osmometer
  • 5010 OSMETTE III Fully Automatic 10 uL Osmometer
  • 6002 Touch Micro OSMETTE 30 uL Osmometer

What is an Osmometer?

An osmometer measures osmolality from the concentration of a substance in a solution. A freezing point osmometer, as designed and manufactured by Precision Systems, determines concentration of a solution by measuring the freezing point of the solution, as freezing point is directly correlated to concentration.

Freezing Point vs. Vapor Pressure

There are osmometers that measure concentration by measuring vapor pressure. Vapor pressure osmometers may miss certain volatiles that are in the solution, such as CO2, ammonia and alcohol. Using a freezing point osmometer provides the most accurate and reliable results for many applications.


Clinical lab use, Manufacturing and QC of Pharmaceuticals, Reagents, Beverages, Eye solutions,  Research etc.,