NLRF-200 (Capacity: Refrigerator: 183L, Freezer: 185L)

Model: NLRF-200
Capacity: Refrigerator: 183L, Freezer: 185L
Temperature Range: Refrigerator: 2℃ ~  8℃,  Freezer: -10℃ ~ -25℃
Is an ergonomically designed cold storage system with combined top refrigerator and bottom freezer. It is a microprocessor-controlled system that enables effective and safe storage of medicines and chemicals, immunological kits, laboratory media and many other biological materials, etc. It is equipped with a visual and audible alarm system ensuring the safety of the equipment against power or thermostat failure.

It is widely used in scientific research institutes, Cell culture laboratories, blood banks, and in areas like Clinical research, Biomedical and biotechnology based industries.,